What is it, exactly?

This site allows you to easily share your 3D models with anyone online. People can see your model, rotate it and fly around.
But that's only a half of the story! At the same time, this site is equipped with an advanced real-time renderer, running right in your browser. By virtue of the intuitive and simple material editor it becomes a great technology with quality compared to latest game engines. Even if you're not planning to share your model - you still can use for rendering. doesn't require any plugins from you and from people you want to share your art with: it is based on the standard HTML5 and WebGL technology. works in modern Chrome, Firefox, Opera, on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. Yes! You are able to watch interactive 3D models from modern Android-based smartphones.

Are you a 3D artist?

Working as freelancer? Isn't it cool to show your co-workers not a flat and non-informative screenshots during the work, but give them a real representation of the model, with a great rendering, just by making them paste a link in an address bar? We think it is.
Searching for a better way to show your portfolio? You found it. allows you to embed your models in any web page, so you can use it in your portfolio site or a forum - anywhere.

Are you a shader progammer?

Great! Beyond standard material controls also allows you to write your own shaders in GLSL! Models with custom shaders can be shared the same way as with standard ones.

Are you just some guy with some models who wants to see them on a web page?

Forget about long registration processes and stuff - just go and upload your models - as long as you don't violate any rights.

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